I've Left Substack!

Like most people I know, I’ve ditched Substack for another platform (one that doesn’t hire staff writers without any transparency, or provide a platform for everyone who wants to outlaw or harass trans people.) You can find me over at Buttondown: my new URL is buttondown.email/charliejane.

I sent out my first newsletter last night, and if you were a subscriber to this Substack, you should already be subscribed to the new one. Please please please check your spam folder (try searching “in anywhere” on Gmail) to see if my newsletter slipped through the cracks. Please whitelist it, mark it not spam, label it important, ec. — whatever you have to do to keep the newsletters from going into the void.

(Or you can always unsubscribe. I will totally understand, though if you do that, you should unsub on here as well as on Buttondown, because I will occasionally add anyone who’s subscribed to this newsletter to the subscribers of the other one, since people keep subscribing to this one.)

Thanks to everyone for bearing with me during this interregnum, and I hope you will continue to follow me in my new home!