Charlie Jane Anders is the author of the upcoming young-adult space fantasy novel Victories Greater Than Death (April 2021, Tor Teen).

She’s also writing a series of essays called Never Say You Can’t Survive, all about how to use creative writing to get through tough times. They’re all available at and will be published in book form in August 2021. Plus she has a short story collection coming out fall 2021 called Even Greater Mistakes. She also wrote the novels All the Birds in the Sky and The City in the Middle of the Night.

What you have here is basically Charlie Jane spouting off, once a week. It’ll be a mix of personal essays and musings about pop culture, plus news and stuff. Should be a pretty quick read, and the right mixture of “good distraction in the middle of your stressful day” and “not too much of a time sink when you have twenty other things to look at.”

If you liked Charlie Jane’s writing at io9, you’ll probably like this too.